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Accueil > Practical guide for homeschooling preschool kids in France

Practical guide for homeschooling preschool kids in France

par Magdalena, le 27/06/2018 à 18:56 - 191 visites

I am doing a comparative research for homeschooling preschool children in France. I've looked online for a guide for homeschooling preschool children in France, but was unsuccessful. Most of the information I was able to find about homeschooling relates to Ministry of Education in France authoritative regulations for homeschooling.
I am not interested in regulations, just a simple practical guide for parents who wish to keep their kids home instead of sending them to a local "creche".

**Please note, I am not interested in finding information about homeschooling children in elementary school age (grade 1-8).**

Réponse du Guichet du savoir

par gds_ctp, le 29/06/2018 à 12:27


Your incapacity to find any guide for homeschooling for preschool children is understandable : in France, instruction is obligatory from the age of 6. Under this age, no particular knowledge or skill is required, so people who keep their preschool children home are not considered homeschooling but only taking care of them.

However, we found two books that may be suitable for you – although they seem to be more focused on the questions of organization than on the lessons contents :

- L'école à la maison [Livre] : apprendre autrement / Isa Lise

- Faire l’école à la maison by the same author (you can check it out on books.google.fr).

The Lyons library owns a few practical guides for preschool children education – you will notice that a lot of them are about Montessori education, which is very fashionable in France nowadays.

We need point to you that certain publishers like Hatier are more or less specialized in books about education, and have collection of guides with methods to teach, for example French, reading, mathematics

You could also contact homeschooling parents associations as Instruction en famille, who could have more publications to suggest.

We wish you good luck in your research.
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